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Frequent Flyer Program
  • Frequent Flyer Program
  • American Airlines (AAdvantage)
  • Delta (Skymiles)
  • United (MileagePlus)
  • Airfrance / KLM (Flying Blue)
  • LATAM (Multiplus)
  • Tudo Azul
  • Gol (Smiles)
  • Aerolíneas Plus
  • Alitalia (MilleMiglia)
  • TAP Portugal (Victoria)
  • British Airways (Avios)
  • Jet Airways (Jet Privilege)
  • Air Canada (Aeroplan)
  • Emirates (Sky Awards)
  • Virgin
  • Avianca (Amigo)
  • Copa (Connect Miles)
  • Air India

Safe trading with no middleman and 0% fee

BitMiles working principle is based on multisig Bitcoin wallets, which requires more than one key to authorize a Bitcoin transaction.

As soon as we match buy and sell offers, we set a 2-of-3 wallet shared with seller, buyer and BitMiles. Any transaction from this wallet requires approval of 2 of its 3 owners.

Buyer can safely commit his Bitcoins to this wallet and request the tickets directly to seller, knowing BitMiles is also there as an arbitrator if something goes wrong.

Seller and buyer negotiate directly with each other, with no intermediates.

Just 3 questions: award program name, how many miles and price to sell or buy it.

No, we don't have a phone. But you can expect a great support by email whenever you need.

Just a few seconds to make your buying or selling offer worldwide available.

Since we support most of the frequent flyer programs, you have access to the best flights.

We love to hear your comments and thoughts about the transaction and the system itself.




Frequent Flyer Programs

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What is a multisig wallet?

"It's a special Bitcoin wallet used to divide up responsibility for possession of Bitcoins. Standard transactions on the Bitcoin network could be called “single-signature transactions,” because transfers require only one signature — from the owner. However, the Bitcoin network supports multisig, a more sofisticated transaction that requires the signatures of multiple people before the funds can be transferred. This is what we use to create trust for this transaction."

Can I transfer the miles to buyer instead of buying his ticket?

"Yes, you can. Actually we would like to offer mile transfer as the BitMiles stardard procedure, but we couldn't since some frequent flyer programs do not offer miles transfer possibility, an others make this transfer really expensive."

Who has to pay for boarding fees?

"The seller has to pay it when issuing the ticket on buyer's name. This is why we ask the seller to include an estimation of the boarding fee in his offer."

Is it available on my country?

"BitMiles is already available worldwide."

Bitcoin multisig explained

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